About thecolourcopier.com

thecolourcopier.com started its operations in 1999 and today it has became a major corporate and government player in Malaysia. thecolourcopier.com focused on the objective of providing excellent sales & services of  Konica Minolta, Fuji Xerox, Canon, Ricoh Photocopier into to Malaysian users, thecolourcopier.com invested considerable time and effort in developing channels to access the market. Over time this has been proven to be the right and healthy growing from strength to strength since its inception. 
thecolourcopier.com is committed and will continue to strive to become a leading company, sought after for its quality and reliability in products and services, living up to its corporate tagline, we make a difference, for now and the future.
thecolourcopier.com can draw from a collective many years experience in the office equipment and document solution industries with areas of expertise centred around digital photocopying solutions, network print, document capture, document management, archive and retrieval together with comprehensive experience of computing systems including network support, Microsoft Windows and Linux scripting and Microsoft .NET development. 
Customer support and satisfaction is at the heart of our day to day business process. The customer is our number one priority and, as such, we are constantly re-evaluating and adjusting our systems and workflows to fit in with our customers’ needs and requirements. Our business ethic is built around our customers and this can be highlighted in our "easy to read, no-nonsense, no-nasty surprises" maintenance agreements and support contracts. 
thecolourcopier.com believe in simplicity. A honest and fresh approach to business in the 21st Century.
Having serviced and maintained photocopiers for nearly 17 years the thecolourcopier.com range of photocopiers is one of the best copiers I have worked on.The thecolourcopier.com copiers, printers and photocopiers are reliable and from a business point of view the thecolourcopier.com range of copiers are cost effective and economical to run.In Copiers will save you money on your in house printing and will give you and the photocopier a reliable service.For many years the copier industry has had a bad name with some of the bigger main copier dealers and manufacturers selling photocopiers and printers, some on lease rental contracts and to be honest they have not been in the customers best interest and only been set up just to make a huge profit.
In Copiers has a different outlook, we take every customer and dig deep to find out what they really want and what they can afford, we guarantee to save you money on the next photocopier you purchase or lease of In Copiers, we will be honest and try and give you the best possible deal with the copier purchase,lease,maintenance and service . The thecolourcopier.com photocopier range help us to achieve this.
Please browse top side for thecolourcopier.com photocopiers we have the full range of thecolourcopier.com colour copiers and printers. Macromac also have a very reliable range of color / black and white copiers.

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